Bioresonance Machines

Sensitiv Imago - devices for bioresonance diagnostics designed for evaluation of human organism condition and taking measures for treatment of diseases and overall health improvement. These devices provide the opportunity for complex patient examination. The method is based on the bioresonance principle, i.e. analysis of electromagnetic vibrations produced by any living organism.

Advantages of this kind of diagnostics include the following:

  • No pain or harm for the patient. The method used for evaluation of electromagnetic vibrations involves no discomfort or pain, which makes it multifunctional and suitable even for children. The technology provides for no skin piercing, invasive manipulations or other procedures that would be potentially painful or physiologically complicated for the patient.
  • No side effects. From this point of view, the bioresonance device is similar to ultrasonography that can be conducted multiple times with no harm done to the patient’s organism.
  • Fast results. Already throughout the examination, it is possible to detect health issues even with no physiological traces (symptoms) evidencing malfunctioning of certain organs or/and disease. It also allows immediate commencement of treatment.
  • Complex approach. The bioresonance method is positioned as an instrument that allows detection of all pathologic organisms: viruses, bacteria or parasites. It is also recommended for diagnostics of all organs and determination of further treatment for the patient.
  • Comfort and simplicity. Preliminary preparations and consultations with doctors are not necessary. One may just visit a clinic or establishment where certified bioresonance devices are available and then follow the prescribed therapy plan.

The Principle Behind Bioresonance Diagnostics

Bioresonance devices operation is based on the principle of electromagnetic fields produced by all living beings. Both humans and other organisms, including bacteria, viruses, allergens etc., have biofields with certain frequency fluctuations.

Every living cell of our body has its own electromagnetic field. When its vibrational frequency is disturbed by malignant agents or evident geopathogenic impact, the change may be registered. On the other hand, allergens, microorganisms and other disease causing agents that disturb the health balance also have their own vibration frequency. Their presence and impact on physiological processes can also be immediately detected to commence treatment (therapy).

Through special detectors, the bioresonance device sends signals with a definite frequency. This allows to determine the patient’s health condition, detect diseases or other malfunctions and even locate pathologic processes with high precision: particular organs, tissues etc. Grounding on the examination, a doctor shall draft a medical report and prescribe therapy.

What is Sensitiv Imago?

It is a modern computer diagnostics device equipped with special detectors that analyze electromagnetic fields and frequency fluctuations. They are attached to the patient’s skin and head and scan the frequency spectrum of pathogenic organisms that may cause malfunctions/failures in physiological processes.

In order to simplify the examination process for doctors and reduce the time required, the bioresonance device provides for integrated software. The database contains information on fluctuation patterns concerned with various pathogenic agents such as viruses, parasites or fungi that cause diseases. They require therapy even in cases when they do not reveal their presence through observable aggravation of health or quality of life.

Sensitiv Imago can examine vibrations of various frequencies: ones that penetrate through the skin and tissues and ones dispersed along the skin. This contributes to complex evaluation of the patient’s condition and detection of various pathogenic malfunctions of any localization.

Functions of Bioresonance Diagnostics Devices

Using such equipment, almost any human organ or system can be examined, starting from eyesight and hearing up to endocrine and neurologic processes and malfunctions. The acquired information would be useful for any doctor to develop a systematic approach to treatment and select the most suitable therapy for the particular case.

The primary functions of Sensitiv Imago include the following:

  • Express analysis of the organism’s health condition;
  • Detection of vulnerabilities in organs and systems;
  • Assumptions regarding definite diseases;
  • Detection of various pathologies and their location;
  • Testing of the organism for medical drug therapy etc.;
  • Detection of allergens;
  • Determination of geopathogenic impact (including from electric appliances and equipment);
  • Supplement for other diagnostic methods, their extension and improvement;
  • Analysis of susceptibility to diseases;
  • Comparative analysis after therapy or patient’s lifestyle change etc.

The special software also suggests recommendations concerning therapy that the doctor and their patient may take into consideration.

How is the Examination Procedure Conducted?

Bioresonance device usage does not involve complications neither for the specialist nor for the patient. All stages are simple and painless. First, special detectors are attached to the body for vibration scanning. The software analyses the detected results and forms a report. The doctor interprets it and determines the causes of the detected malfunctions, be it geopathogenic impact or viruses. Before therapy in commenced, other examination procedures may be conducted, including ultrasonography, MRT, CT, ECG etc.

No special preparations are required before the procedure. It is recommended to visit the specialists after good rest and avoid consumption of alcohol or caffeine containing drinks one day before the procedure. It is also advised to avoid smoking a few hours before the procedure and other examination procedures including ultrasonography or X-ray 2-3 days before the planned bioresonance examination, as it might result in electromagnetic fields disturbance. The diagnostics specialist should also be notified on any drugs the patient could be taking.

Why Sensitiv Imago?

Ever more bioresonance devices manufacturers are emerging all over the world. Accuracy of the examination results and appropriateness of the consequent therapy depend on the particular operated device. Sensitiv Imago’s unchallenged advantages include the following:

  • Equipment certification in European Union and FDA registration.
  • High reliability. It is supported by minimum of 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty, obligatory testing and automated calibration before the devices’ shipment to the purchasers. Thus, the results accuracy reaches 96+%.
  • Flexible cooperation conditions. The clients are provided with beneficial prices, installments, fast shipment within one week after payment etc.

The good quality reliable and world-widely acknowledged bioresonance device is an efficient tool for examination of the organism and detection of various malfunctions (staring from allergens and microorganisms and up to high geopathogenic impact). This device provides both the doctor and their patients with the possibility to assure absence of diseases or determine effective therapy, control its quality and results as well as to supplement the traditional set of examination procedures with another efficient contemporary technology.

Computel. Inc. is sole exclusive representative in USA of Sensitiv Imago System. We are the only company that can import and sale Sensitiv Imago in USA. All other website can not sale those products and bring them to USA.


Computel. Inc. is sole exclusive representative in USA of Sensitiv Imago System.

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    We represent to your attention new SensitivE Audit 550 and SensitivE Audit 555 - the latest developments of our company.




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