Business plan

Theme: Opening of the Diagnostic Center using Sensitiv Imago Complex.

This business is relevant now for several reasons:

  • You can return your investment in about 3-4 months.
  • Having no analogues, this type of service is very popular with the public: it allows 1 hour to get full information about the client's health, it's harmless, painless, doesn't need any analyses and allows you to pick the effective treatment. It is an inexpensive, convenient, and comfortable way to get information about a person's health.
  • It is new equipment, so you will be one of the first in your market.

Sensitiv Imago Commercial Viability

The price of computer diagnosis by using Bioresonance testing with the Sensitiv Imago Hardware/Software system ranges from 0 to 0 or above. The price depends on the occurrence of competitors (saturation of the market of such services) in your city/region. The overall duration of a visit is about 1.5 hours (acquisition of data from the organism requires 30 minutes, and the analysis of the obtained data requires 1 hour).

Upon completion of a Sensitiv Imago examination, a patient will receive color prints of images of the problem organs and a list of diagnosed disorders, and the doctor will define a disposition of such patient to certain diseases and treatment recommendations. Seven pages of images of problem organs – i.e. 28 slices – are quite enough; however, a patient may receive additional copies for an additional charge (minimum per page).

You may examine 3-4 patients daily.

3 patients x 0 = 0 per day, minus wages of a doctor, rent of a room and price of consumables: 0 per day x 20 days = ,000 per month – earnings from diagnostic (provided that you do not operate on Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays!).

As you may see, a simple calculation shows that the payback of the equipment is just 4-5 months. Such calculations shall be made separately for each region. We show just a sample of calculation of profitability, but the actual value of profitability will vary in different cities and regions.



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