Principle Of Operation

The main purpose of this device - express-diagnostics of functional state of all physiological systems of the human body: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, musculoskeletal, endocrine, and therapeutic effects of bioresonance treatment methods, by spectrum of healthy organs, band pass filters, inverted nosodes and local treatment with universal magneto optic camera.

The procedure Express - diagnosis includes three successive stages:

  • Scanning to make initial diagnose;
  • Individual selection of drugs needed to eliminate hotbeds of tension in the body.

Given the fact that the electrical activity of the vegetative structures of the brain is not very pronounced, the structures of the vegetative brain additionally activated by sound, electromagnetic (through headphones) and visual stimulating agents. As visual activators supports the constant and intense change in the color field, against which the target organ. The signals, that coming from the brain via headphones, amplified and recorded in computer and displayed in the form of dots of different colors on the screen for specific part body.

The color and configuration of points displayed on the screen determined by the degree of intensity of the signal coming from the brain, which reflects the functional state of the body - the state of health, different degrees of functional stress and marked pathological changes.

The basic diagnosis is to compare the actual reading of scanned patient organ to data stored in the computer.
Diagnosis visually identifies by color symbols.
The next step of diagnosis includes the computer selection of different drugs (allopathic, homeopathic, nutraceutical and parapharmaceuticals) needed at reducing tension in the individual organs.

The purpose of scanning patient by Sensitiv Imago system:

  • Accurate identification of location in the brain that responsible of activity of each organ;
  • Communication between the intensity of the signal from the brain and the severity of the pathological process in certain organs;
  • Creation of virtual models of various diseases. In addition, the program has great statistical data on the distribution of different nosological forms of the disease by age and sex groups,that allows to predict the state of the human body by introduction of basic information - sex and age;
  • To diagnose the functional state of almost all physiological systems in the shortest possible period of not more than 1,5 hours;
  • Identify the disease in preclinical stage;
  • Choose an individual program of treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • Provide primary care to the patient without using the treatment with medications

Use of Sensitiv Imago in the early stages of patient examination can significantly reduce the time of the provisional diagnosis, to avoid mandatory consultations of narrow number of specialists, avoid visits to bacteriological laboratories.



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