Quit smoking treatment

Bioresonance therapy with Sensitiv Imago has been successfully used to treat allergies and other diseases all over the world. A new development of this therapy is to help smokers quit their habit.
Treatment with this special Quit Smoking Treatment has a 70% - 90% success rate.
Although 70% of smokers want to quit and 35 % attempt to quit each year, fewer than 5% succeed. The low rate of successful quitting and the high rate of relapse are due to the effects of nicotine addiction. Studies have proven that Nicotine is more addictive then Heroin.
When you try to quit smoking the body needs time to release the toxins. However, due to the increasing amount of toxins from the environment and food that our body has to handle every day, our elimination organs are greatly strained and thus needs even more time to process and eliminate Nicotine from our body. Due to this fact, smokers are unable to quit because of the heavy craving for Nicotine experienced during the process of quitting.
Our Quit Smoking Treatment greatly reduces your craving by helping your body to remove all the Nicotine and any other addictive chemicals from your system very quickly, making it easier for you to quit.
To make things more complicated, Nicotine and any other toxins that are added in the process of making a cigarette has its own oscillation pattern.
The electromagnetic charge of the nicotine and other chemical toxins linger on and continue to give you the cravings even after the body has successfully removed all traces of the toxins.
Here is where BRT treatment can help you! The unique and individually tailored Quit Smoking Treatment includes phase cancellation, which helps to remove the energetic imprint of nicotine and other cigarette chemicals from your body and stops the craving, making it easier for you to give up the habit.
Our quit smoking treatment also includes treatment to detoxify the lungs and liver and support it to give you a healthy body to enjoy life.
Bioresonance can help you to break your addiction!

Before & after treatment

The most successful outcome for you will be experienced if you are able to follow these instructions.

Three – Four days prior to your treatment:
Start drinking 2 litres or more of low mineral water i.e. filtered or bottled water.
Water enables the electromagnetic signals to travel to the cells. To enable your body to receive the new information and eliminate the nicotine and toxins from your body it is vitally important to drink two or more litres of water per day.

The day prior to your treatment:
Do not drink any alcohol

The day of your treatment:

  • Coffee
  • Caffeinated drinks (e.g. Coke)
  • Tea/Peppermint Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Aspirin, pain killers or anti-inflammatories (unless specifically prescribe by a medical practitioner)
  • A heavy meal just prior to the treatment

What to expect after the treatment:

The majority of people find that they do not need a cigarette, do not have withdrawal symptoms and do not have any cravings immediately after the treatment. Others have found a dramatic reduction in their cravings over the first 24 hours as the cell memory returns to that of a non-smoker.
For at least 2 weeks after the quit smoking treatment you will need to continue drinking 2 liters of low mineral water a day. This is because your body will be working hard to eliminate the toxins that have been built up over the years from smoking cigarettes.
This detoxification takes place via the skin and kidneys – it is not unusual for people to notice that their skin smells of nicotine or that their bath/shower water runs brown as the toxins are eliminated through the skin. Other detoxification symptoms include headaches, fatigue, upset stomach, metallic taste in the mouth, sweaty palms or a sluggish feeling.
Symptoms will vary from person to person and usually subside after three days. There is no need to be concerned as it is simply your body eliminating the toxins that have accumulated over the years. Please continue to drink water daily even if the initial detoxification symptoms stop – your body has some cleaning up to do and will thank you for your ongoing support!
You will be provided with a special drugs, that contains the memory of the quit smoking treatment. This information lasts for up to 4 weeks and is placed on the body, two finger widths below the navel. This drug will support the detoxification process and help if any cravings are experienced. Drops are also available to support you in times of stress in the following weeks.
Try to avoid exposure to second hand smoke or smoky environments, such as bars etc. in the 24 hours following treatment.


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