Providing the information on the Lyme disease treatment.

LifeStream software database contains the standards of the Lyme's disease in the Groups 05-06 of PRESUMPTIVE DIAGNOSES AND POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS.
In the Group 15 of Micro-Organisms detection we also have the BORRELIA BURGDORFERI standard. This is one of the micro-organisms that may cause this disease.
Evaluating the coefficient for that micro-organism you will see the stage of activity of this specific disease.

Also take into consideration - how long ago this disease appeared and the treatment that patient received.

Using the Sensitiv imago equipment you will be able to diagnose the Lyme disease. After the diagnostics of a patient and the analysis of received data we can see the recommendation of the program for most appropriate treating measures - Group 11 SEQUENCE OF HEALING.

As the equipment is a complex one, you can affect the disease by different methods (as we described - Lyme disease or other):

  • Provide detoxification of a patient's organism - to get rid of heavy metals, phosphides, endogenous and exogenous toxins.
  • Individually select antiviral and antibacterial remedies (against BORRELIA BURGDORFERI).
  • To improve the work of organs on the cells level - that will increase the auto-cleansing and auto-recovery.
  • To affect the immune cells and lymphatic system - that will increase the resistance and the adipogenous forces of the organism.

You may apply everything you know along with Sensitiv Imago equipment.

Applying the possibilities of Sensitive Imago equipment such as BRT and Frequency Compensation, you can provide all above-mentioned treating measures.

After the analysis of received data we detect the tissue or organ where BORRELIA BURGDORFERI is the most active, and locate the most weakened organs and systems. Then you should include all these organs or tissues into BRT and Frequency Compensation list, adding to them all the immunity-lymphatic system.

As a result:

We recommend to do full body check, deep analyze of body state, cleaning up the body from the parasites and detoxification procedure, after the course of treating measures.

Recovery measures can be applied in various ways:

a) You can select the individual dosage of the purposeful action medicines.

For this we are using External and Internal VEGETO-TEST.

b) With a help of Sensitiv Imago equipment it is possible to create three types of spectronosodes.

First type – inverted spectronosodes, that contains microorganism’s (BORRELIA BURGDORFERI) or pathological process's (Lyme disease) inverted information.

Second type – spectronosodes with written on it information about medicinal product (e.g. Cats Clan, Curcuma etc.). Information from liquid-form preparations have to be removed on the liquid-form matrix, information from solid-form preparation – on solid-form matrix. You need to know and understand the effects of medicine/preparations you are going to test.

Third type - physiological spectronosodes. It contains the information of healthy organ. This information is the standard for a healthy organ, taking such spectronosodes helps the affected organ restore its normal functioning, it “teaches” the body to work properly. This type of spectronosodes is useful to give to the patients with chronic disease.

Spectronosodes have the aimed action effect. First two types are considered the medicines (remedies) and the third one – physiological – helps to recover the physiological functions.


Computel. Inc. is sole exclusive representative in USA of Sensitiv Imago System.

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    We represent to your attention new SensitivE Audit 550 and SensitivE Audit 555 - the latest developments of our company.




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