Frequency Compensation With Sensitiv Imago

The biophysical method known as Frequency Compensation was introduced by Dr. F. Morrel and E. Rashe, a doctor and an engineer respectively in 1977 in Germany, and later on received the name “bioresonance therapy”.

Frequency Compensation is an energy informative influence on the cells of the tissue and organs, which causes them to change to their ideal condition (energy informative etalons of the healthy organism are registered in the memory of the device).

The level of the improvement can be traced during the Frequency Compensation session on the screen in real time.

Chemical medicines cure the symptoms of the disease, but do not treat its cause. Sometimes they are necessary, but only nature can make a complete recovery. The human body is a complicated self-regulating biological system, which radiates weak electromagnetic oscillations as everything in nature. These oscillations regulate all the levels of the human organism (sub cellular, cellular, organic, systemic) and keeps it in a healthy condition.

When the processes of self-regulation are violated in the organism there form and accumulate “incorrect”, pathological electromagnetic oscillations that lead to the development of different illnesses. Nowadays the method of bioresonance therapy (Frequency Compensation) is the only single fundamentally new method of non-drug treatment and prophylaxis.

Frequency Compensationy – is a method of treatment, which works with the help of the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations. There are three principals at the heart of this method:

  • Usage of the personal electromagnetic oscillations
  • Separation of a patient’s electromagnetic oscillations into physiological (“healthy”) and pathological (“unhealthy”)
  • Inversion and suppression of the pathological oscillations. Restoring and strengthening of the physiological oscillations

Frequency Compensation’s curative effect is brought about by the stimulation of the host’s defenses, excretion of toxins and toxic metabolic products, deactivation of infections, tissue regeneration, and stimulation of restorative processes in an organism.

Thanks to the universal approach to treatment of various diseases and the maximal individualization of treatment, Frequency Compensation is indicated for an immense variety of chronic skin problems, blackhead eruptions, warts, loss of hair, endocrine, hormonal disorders (frustration), migraines, weakened immunity system, osteoporosis, arthritis, psychosomatic over fatigue and many others.

Frequency Compensation limits to a short time drug treatment, and afterwards avoids completely the usage of chemicals.

Frequency Compensation is a synthesis of modern achievements of energy informative medicine, biophysics and computer technologies. It is widely used in Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary.

What is the advantage of this therapy?

  • Maximal individualization of treatment with the appliance of the patient’s energy only.
  • Continuous automatic adjustment of therapy from one moment to another depending on the current condition of the patient.
  • The universality of the approach and an overdose impossibility allow us to apply the method in all age groups and at different pathological states.

Modern software which allows the testing and the subsequent treatment of:

  • Allergens (food, household, dandruff of animals, pollen of plants, food supplements, etc., 366 substances in all), at the same time frequency-testing of an allergy has a huge advantage as the patient is not provoked by the tested allergen; on the contrary, frequency-testing affects the discharge of toxins in an organism by means of inverting the information given by the allergen or toxin.
  • Fungoid agent
  • Environmental toxins
  • Dental products (material)
  • Nozodes are “products of illnesses”-» potentiated in homoeopathic dilution of blood, lymph, urine, discharge of pathologically changed organs and tissues, toxins of pathogenic microorganisms, even the simplest microorganisms.
  • Micro elements, vitamins.
  • Homoeopathic classical remedies
  • Homoeopathic organoremedies
  • Chemical elements

What is the treatment and how does it begin?

Frequency Compensation begins with the detailed anamnesis and, in most cases, from basic therapy during which the organism as a whole is harmonized. Basic therapy can also be called opening therapy since after its immediate applications the real condition of the patient’s health is revealed, and in the process minor disorders and blockades, and superficial symptoms are eliminated.

The purpose of basic therapy is actually to correct an organism’s peculiar electromagnetic oscillations and to restore regulation forces in the patient, thereby, purposefully beginning the recovery processes.

The second stage is directed to pathological process-special therapy.

During therapy physiological oscillations will be optimally strengthened, and heavy (loading) harmful electromagnetic oscillations will be inverted, i.e. transformed to their exact mirror reflection, and in such a way will be sent back. Thus, the pathological information, which is present in an organism, during sessions of therapy, slackens and disappears. For all that, the patient receives treatment by means of his own fluctuations alone. Signals from secondary sources do not come into an organism during any treatment phases.

Why are detoxication measures necessary during treatment?

During the first Frequency Compensation, stages toxic substances of various origins are released into the blood where they gradually accumulate in mesenchyme and under usual conditions are not excreted out of an organism.

That is why during the whole treatment period it is necessary to take into consideration the detoxification of an organism. First, it is the ample drinking of pure, brackish water. Besides an obligatory process of excretion (cleaning an organism from toxins) is a daily shower or visit to a sauna, and timely bowel movements.

What are the priority areas of Frequency Compensation application?

The range of opportunities of this method application is enormously extended by the universality of the approach and the maximally individualized treatment in each specific case. Frequency Compensation is the method of a choice when a full effect is not achieved by means of standard therapy. This happens first in the cases of: chronic long-term diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, cardiovascular system, a gastrointestinal tract, recurrent painful syndromes, deficiency of the immune system, trophic disorders, and various functional imbalances.

The method is very effective at treatment of acute and chronic allergy processes, intolerance of foodstuff, and acute, chronic intoxications caused by environmental substances. Thus, Morrel’s method of allergy testing has this huge advantage, that the patient is not provoked by allergen; on the contrary, allergy Frequency-TESTING has a relieving influence on the organism, as a result of inverting the information given by the allergen.

During treatment of an allergy, the physiological adaptation of an organism’s signal from the moment by another therapy moment is used. The results of the therapy are frequently amazing owing to such an approach, the exact (definition, determination) diagnosis of causal disease factors and the synergetic effect of a two-channel technique. Frequency-THERAPY is well combined with the intake of medicines and with other physiotherapeutic methods of treatment if necessary.

Usage of Frequency Compensation in “Sensitiv Imago” device.

For more detailed instructions on the usage of Frequency Compensation, see the “Sensitiv Imago” manual. The main Frequency Compensation feature in the Sensitiv Imago is that activity is adjusted automatically, and it is not necessary to strengthen physiological fluctuations separately and to invert the pathological ones - the device does it all automatically; you simply press the button “Information influence”, select the necessary section, and therapy runs. In Sensitiv Imago the given function is automated (auto tuned) to maximize the client’s convenience.

The course of treatment consists desirably of 10 sessions every other day. For 1 session, it is advisable to do no more than six Frequency Compensation influences.


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