Training program:

1. Introduction, lecture on the theory. Principle of bioresonance. The physical, electromagnetic and biological aspects.
2. Composition of equipment , the main channels of communication with the patient.
3. The principle of obtaining information from patient.
4. Work with the software: cartoteka , filling in information, test, evaluation of results of epicrisis, selection of treatment, comparison of action of drugs, preparation of spektronozodes, Mora - therapy, control and accounting of work.
5. Work with the selection of drugs - the basic principles.
6. Maintenance of equipment: assembly of the finished complex, connected to PC, installation software. Terms of exploitation, the possibility of repair.
7. Business with equipment:

• Search for staff of the best groups: administrator, doctor, manager, Courier, programmer. The features of each specialization.
• To search the premises, the types of premises
• Features repair
• Complete diagnostic study, a description of investment

8. The signing of a cooperation agreement, the discussion of remote interfaces, recommendations for optimizing sales.