Business With Sensitiv Imago


• In clinics, including well-child clinics, as a screening system of dyscrasia for further referring to narrowly focused specialists. Full diagnostics after given course of treatment allows for acknowledging the effectiveness of work of medical specialists or to refer a patient to an alternative healer if there is no improvement for a long time.

• For preventive examinations of large production departments for early detection of work-related diseases, forming groups of risk and for prudent prevention of diseases.

• For self-diagnosis and therapy, including in the military, on ships and undersea crafts, and in child-care centers.

• In drugstores for adjustment of a dosage, classifying of ancillary medications and prevention of possible complications and drug side effects.

• For psychosomatic correction of patients with iatrogeny.

• In sanatorium-preventoriums before and after the course of sanatorium-resort treatment.

• For tanning distributors of firms exploiting nutritional supplements to exclude mistakes in insurance medicine.

• For dynamic monitoring of severely ill and incurable patients, especially in therapeutic monitoring of new drugs.

• In case of absence of beneficial effects in the long-term and the need to acknowledge the necessity of surgical interference.

• To adjust an individual diet according to blood group.

• For wide-ranging public events on sanitation from helminthiasis.

• For visualization of the effects of any medical treatment complex or technology, for example, colortherapy.

• For scientific researches to create new, more effective complexes.

• In child sports to calculate the rating of future sportsman and before tournaments.

• In a "big sport" to form individual training loads and recovery periods.

• In cosmetic centers and salons.

• In insurance medicine for cushioning of risks during completion of contracts.

• In tourist business for diagnostics of possible recrudescence of chronic illnesses during a tour.


You can buy our equipment to use at home.

After we teach you to work with the device you will have an opportunity to test yourself, your relatives and friends, choose an optimal treatment regimen with the medications you want. Also (what is very important) you can use the Mora-therapy all the time, it is a uniquely Bio-resonance therapy, which allows you to maintain your health for many years even without medications. And more, you can individually adjust diets because the device allows testing of any food stuff. You can also predict the influence of the medications on the organism. To do this you just test them in the Bio-resonance chamber.