Sensitiv Imago 535

Sensitiv Imago 535

The most reliable and modern model. The best one among the Sensitiv Imago models.

Pricing category – business-class.

Sensitiv Imago 535 is manufactured according to the European standards of the quality management and have the CE certification and has FDA Approval as Monitoring device for non-vital physiological parameters. Certification of these models was performed according the new standards and rules accepted in.

Sensitiv Imago 535 have passed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration as a medical device – Class 2.

More detailed:

Sensitiv Imago 535 are considered the best medical equipment for the present day. Sensitiv Imago 535 are the technical devices designed to provide the computer diagnostic of the human health basing on the newest scientific knowledge about the wave characteristics of the biological systems. They have no match in the accuracy (reliability), presentable exterior and the economical profitability. These series are supplied with the maximum quantity of the peripheral devices for the present day that improve and complement the information gathered from the surveyee.

Main (operating) unit of Sensitiv Imago 535 model is equipped with the modern microprocessors and the safety system against the short-circuits and the signal system of the working mode. Diagnostic unit is connected to the computer or laptop via USB-interface. Power supply for the Sensitiv Imago 535 is provided via the standard external power supply unit.

Main SBA-system sensors are built in the main unit and the headphones synchronizing units. The headphones also contain electromagnetic induction sensor, sound emitters, infrared radiation receiver and 500 of bi-stable analyzer sensors.

Sensitiv Imago 535 diagnostic devices are equipped with the unit of biological feedback. This device is able to “detect” the biological object and identify it. Unlike the previous models it does not matter, which brain hemisphere is more active in the patient – either the left one or the right one.

To strengthen the alternative features interface unit is equipped with 16 384 quasi-stable analyzers adjusted for the high frequency.

System of the sensor analyzers with the titanium covering is used for the control of the tissues conductivity. Polarized magnetic-optic chambers used for the testing of the remedial preparations are built in the interface unit of the Sensitiv Imago 535. These chambers are able to perform a test for any substance in any package – except the metal (foil).

Sensitiv Imago 535 are equipped with the “floating” load generator that is emitting the load modulated – depending on the organ inspected. This “floating” system is really expensive.

Presence of the "floating" load generator allows to automatically adjust the device operation and data reading from the specific organ of the patient's body for the inspection moment.

Additional way to get the information from the surveyee is the “QOM” or “quantum-optic modulator” 630 – 680 Nm with the step and modulated high frequency. It is made in a separate casing ad is positioned non further then in 70 cm (2,5 feet) from the surveyee in the display position to improve the infrared emission. There are two modes of operation – adjustment and scanning. First at the beginning of the inspection, it is recommended to adjust the direction of the sensor work.

In addition, Sensitiv Imago 535 devices have the automatic and manual modes of myorelaxation, auto-scan, entropy and negative information reset. It also contains the inbuilt unit of protecting the operator and the surveyed. Triple calibration unit of SBA sensors is also present with the adjustment function for the region magnetic field. One more unit present is the block of analysis of the peripheral devices and sensors with the automatic calibration after the interference detection.

Front panel of the Sensitiv Imago 535 devices contains the LCD informing the operator about the diagnostic working mode.

Device contains the additional plugs that are designed for connecting the additional peripherals receiving power supply from the interface unit.

Sensitiv Imago 535 diagnostic devices are considered the business-class models and are designed for the organizations paying great attention to the accuracy and image.

Sensitiv Imago 500 (previous series) was awarded with the Golden Medal of the European competition of the innovation technologies in Plovdiv.

Reliability level of these models is 96%.

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