Sensitiv Imago 135

Sensitiv Imago 135

Hardware-software complexes Sensitiv Imago 135 are considered the standard class models and are the devices of the average price category.

Sensitiv Imago 135 is manufactured according to the European standards of the quality management and have the CE certification and has FDA Approval as Monitoring device for non-vital physiological parameters. Certification of these models was performed according the new standards and rules accepted in EU.

Sensitiv Imago 135 have passed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration as a medical device – Class 2.

More detailed:

Hardware-software complex Sensitiv Imago 135 with the LifeStream software can be used “on the road” to scan the visited patient like the standard class models – having all the advantages of the stationary models. Sensitiv Imago 135 is working connected to the AC network via the transformation power supply unit. Device is transferring the information obtained and receives the commands from the computer via USB port.

Main (the most expensive) sensors are positioned in the earphones set: inside the SBA sensors are built in and non-less than 100 bi-stable analyzers that are needed for the signal bearing in the millimeter diapason (the ones coming from the operator). These headphones contain also the sound emitters and inductors. Sensitiv Imago 135 hardware-software complexes are composed of the following internal units:

  • Quasi-stable independent analyzing devices – 16 384;

  • Pair of the versatile magnetic-optic chambers working in multicolor mode;

  • Adaptation block – for manual and automatic mode;

  • Plug for connecting the future peripheral devices;

  • System of the digital filters;

  • Automatic adjustment unit;

  • Unit of biological feedback stabilization;

  • Unit of protection – from the negative load (for the operator) and the overload (for the surveyed)

  • Unit for errors removal and the sensors automatic adjustment.

The “floating” load generator that proven itself is the “business card” of the Sensitiv Imago devices.

Presence of the "floating" load generator allows to automatically adjust the device operation and data reading from the specific organ of the patient's body for the inspection moment.

Hardware-software complex Sensitiv Imago 135 contain the unit that allow determining the peripheral devices connected and find out the faults during the diagnostics.

Sensitiv Imago diagnostic device is supplied with the peripheral units. The supply contains the sensors: bipolar and mono-polar to control the conductivity of the surveyee's tissues. Thus, two methods of information reading are used:

1). Bio-resonance method using the SBA sensors in the headphones


2). Bio-impedance method using the bipolar and mono-polar hand-held sensors.

Only Alfa-Med Company was able to join these two methods.

Reliability level of these devices is 90%.

Operating Manual