Sensitive Imago

Sensitiv Imago is

• Able to analyze the homeostasis of organs to detect diseases in the whole body, their possible causes and allow prognoses of future disease development;

• Able to detect the biological activity of micro flora, presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites with details of location and their degree of damaging on organism;

• Able to test every individual remedy, medication, food, cosmetics etc. for each person to detect exactly what evokes a high sensitivity, allergic or intolerant response;

• Able to treat with bioresonance and using individually prepared spectronosodes for each person;

• Able to detect and treat the food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, electro-magnetic sensitivities;

• Able to treat infection of virus, bacteria and parasites effectively;

• Able to treat all kinds of addiction (alcohol, smoking, medication, sugar etc.) fast and successful (80% success after only one treatment).