How To Quit Smoking?


Bio-resonance by the Sensitiv Imago device has produced excellent results with helping people to stop smoking. Success rates are near 80 %.


Bio-resonance is natural, drug-free and painless and has no known harmful side effects.
Sensitiv Imago bio-resonance therapy is a very effective treatment for smoking diseases.

Bio-resonance therapy is a gentle computer controlled oscillation therapy. Compared to other methods, Bio-resonance is the easiest and most natural way to stop smoking. The human body emits different electromagnetic oscillations: cells, tissues and organs each have their specific oscillations. The disturbing electromagnetic oscillation patterns of a smoker are transferred to the Sensitiv Imago device via 3 channels: headphones, hand electrodes, and scanner. In the device, these oscillations are changed and then returned to the patient in the form of a healing therapy. Patients will often report that they can breathe better during the therapy program.

Bio-resonance therapy can help to detoxify the body from nicotine and other toxins without harm and will take away the cravings associated with quitting.

During the bio-resonance quit smoking program the body does not receive any electrical charge. Electrodes are used that only serve as antennae. Only the body’s own vibrations are used to balance and self-regulate the body. Nothing foreign is administered from the device itself.

If you are serious about wanting to quit the habit of a lifetime and other methods have failed, then this may be the therapy for you. All you need to do is bring along your last cigarette to smoke as part of the therapy.

You should also try to drink at least two liters (approximately two quarts) of water per day for two days before the day of your appointment and for at least two days after. This is because the Sensitiv Imago will essentially eliminate toxins from your body. Cut down on your consumption of adrenal stimulants such as tea, coffee, sugar, alcohol and get into the habit of eating more fruit and vegetables as these will also improve your general health and well-being when you have quit.

After an initial consultation, you will be asked to go outside and smoke your last cigarette. The cigarette will be used as part of the therapy. The actual therapy lasts for about half an hour.

After approximately 8 hours, the carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body but it is very important to continue to drink plenty of water.

In addition to bio-resonance therapy equipment, Sensitiv Imago also has additional features to help nicotine-dependent people - Preparation of homeopathic tablets formulated by this equipment and used regularly helps eliminate the craving for tobacco, as well as activate the removal of harmful substances from the body.