Difference between
SCIO/QXCI and Sensitiv Imago

Difference between SCIO/QXCI and Sensitiv Imago

Equipment Sensitiv Imago has significant differences with equipment QXCI / SCIO. Equipment QXCI / SCIO uses the method of acupuncture therapy in the treatment of disease.

The QXCI / SCIO subjects patient body to over 10,000 frequencies (in three minutes) and then measures patient response to those frequencies for vitamin levels, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, sugar, toxins, hormone levels, muscles tone, disease, bacteria, molds, fungi and viruses. After it compares your body's responses to the "norm;' the imbalances are prioritized. At this point, the practitioner can choose which imbalances to address.

Upon selection, the QXCI / SCIO feeds frequencies back into the body to redress or neutralize the destructive frequencies (wave patterns) causing the lack of vitality or the disease. These subtle energy adjustments restore the body to a state of balance.

The principle of operation of equipment SCIO - the phenomenon of impedance. Impedance based on changes of characteristics of the electric current that passed through the tissues of organism. Passing through the tissues, which differ in composition (trace minerals, salts, density, and so on), an electric current to different changes its characteristics. Have been conducted studies, based on which managed to fix certain parameters changes the electric current at different states of the organism.
Equipment SCIO works on the principle of impedance that is using one method of obtaining and transmitting information.
Equipment Sensitiv Imago uses two principles: Impedance (hand-held electrodes) and Bioresonance (use headphones with sensors and laser scanner). Using two simultaneous information technology makes it possible to obtain much more information with higher accuracy, but also increases the possibilities for treatment.
That's why equipment Sensitiv Imago has a higher accuracy of the survey, and also has a greater opportunity for examination and treatment of the patient.

Pluses for Sensitiv Imago:

  • precision diagnostic, fully automated

  • low price

  • Possibility to make diagnostic and therapy.

Equipment Sensitiv Imago has possibilities, which has not equipment QXCI / SCIO:

  1. Conducts a full scan of the patient.
    An examination occurs within 1.5 h and substitutes visits to more than 10 specialized doctors. Any infecting agents (viruses, helminthes, streptococci, chlamydiaceae or thrichomonia etc.) and allergens can be detected. Upon an examination, a doctor receives the maximum comprehensive information about the state of the health of a patient, including the initial manifestations of a disease prior to formulation of certain complaints, which is not possible by using other known methods of examination.

  1. Conduct individual therapy Bioresonance

  1. May to prepare an electronic homeopathy (this is read as an attachment to this letter).

  1. Device makes it possible to select medicinal products (food additives, pharmaceutical products, phytopreparations or homeopathic remedies) most fitting purposes of treatment or preventive treatment of an actual on an individual basis.

  1. Monitoring function making it possible to examine the dynamics of a process on the basis of previous results is another advantage of this method.

  2. Device is equipped with a laser transmitter that makes it possible to influence any point, zone, organ or a system of the organism with simultaneous monitoring the therapeutic results in a display.

Reported disadvantages of the QXCI / SCIO system

  • Does not lend itself to making remedies very easily.

  • Only detects 9000 substances or frequencies.

  • Training is expensive and ongoing.

  • The initial cost of the equipment is expensive.

  • The many screens are very confusing and it takes a lot of practice to be able to work with them without being overwhelmed and frustrated.

Additional information about SCIO / QXCI / NES systems

Our investigation of the NES / QXCI / SCIO and the more honest revelation of Quantec, the main German manufacturer of radionics instrumentation m-tec ag, made us understand that the common feature of all radionics techniques was a random-event-generator based on the studies at the Princeton-Engineering-Anomalies-Project.

From this came the new classification of the NES / QXCI / SCIO as the "Wheel-of-fortune".

Instead of the somewhat shaky beginnings of the NES / QXCI / SCIO , which was simply sold as a "Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface" without much theoretical structure to back it up, his meeting with Peter Fraser gave him a significant amount of theoretical packaging material in which to sell the same old random-number-generator. In addition, different to the NES / QXCI / SCIO which needed electrodes around wrists and forehead, he minimized the hardware to a two-finger sensor... knowing that this anyway had no influence on the functioning.

The huge theoretical overhead would certainly have earned both of them a Noble prize if they were able to give some reproducible backup to their claims to a more technically informed audience. They needed only two paragraphs to explain how the NES is actually able to scan the Human-Body-Field, because it's just like "when you know that something has happened to someone without being informed about it". It's no surprise that physicists wonder about the naiveté of some of the buyers of this technology.

Besides fashionable scientific terms like "quantum-entanglement", QED and "magnetic vector information", they also present pure inventions like "photon-induced-superconductivity" and compare their system with high-tech such as "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance".

Also they do not explain how Fraser was able to decipher what they call the "Human Body Field" and find that there are exactly 16 energetic drivers, 12 energetic integrators, 16 energetic terrains and 15 (not 12 or 16) energetic stars (if you want to learn more about this home-made invention look at "the human body field").

The page "technical" is also filled with technical jargon that says nothing to an informed audience but impresses the technically inclined and believers in physics. The system that Massey invented (without any background in physics) does not rely on "electrical readings, vibrational frequencies, electromagnetic scans, pulse detection or radionics rates" but is totally revolutionary and new and is based on "advanced techniques developed in biophysics".

But the real breakthrough in terms of business came for Massey when he invented the INFOCEUTICALS (described in "Development of NES Technology") because he knew from his time selling the QXCI / SCIO that once the system was sold one could not hope for further income.

He does not go into detail about the HOW and WHY but where he does try to explain he is completely contradictory; he writes for example in the above that the Infoceuticals are "structurally (energetically) imprinted". So are they structurally imprinted or "energetically imprinted" and if so, why has he no technical means to read out the imprinted information as on a magnetic card or Flash-drive?

In their "About" page they are not short of self-praise and Peter Fraser is titled the "world expert in the Human Body Field HBF" ... no wonder; he invented it and has no followers yet outside the NES circle. However, what is interesting is that all three of the founders at NES were suffering from "Chronic Fatigue" and certainly, it is not true that they were healed by the NES system because even prior to meeting Fraser, Harry had his high power back and used it for promoting and selling the QXCI / SCIO when I first met him. Nevertheless, we remember him saying his recovery was at least partly due to the QXCI / SCIO treatment that brought him to the world of energy medicine.


Disadvantages of equipment NES (Nutri-Energetics System), QXCI, SCIO.

This equipment not produces diagnosis - only shows the deviation of energy, so its use in medicine is very doubtful.
In general, for us do not understand the principle of the equipment - manufacturer only shows the general reflections. Nothing specific. Nothing comprehensible. This makes it possible to think the author does not know the principle of his own equipment. On the other hand, knows, but does not want to explain, because this principle of action does not give truthful results.
The same is confirmed by a very rapid period of the survey - only 10 seconds. Very unlikely that in 10 seconds you can get complete information about the organism.

To estimate the energy deviations are used only schedules that are very uncomfortable - not able to see the localization process.

Equipment can only prepare the information the water, which rapidly loses information.

No ability to test and selection of drugs.

In addition, here additional advantages of Sensitiv Imago:

  1. Possibility to get free online presentation of possibilities of device;

  2. Possibility to get high quality online training, as well as to fix any problem with device via Internet online. We have full detailed instructions – how to prepare for such online connection;

  3. Free and often software updates;

  4. After 5 days personal training – free support and consultations during all period of warranty term;

  5. We also can offer to purchase Sensitiv Imago equipment in instalment.

As well as many, many other advantages and possibilities, more read in our website.