Business Plan

Business Plan

Theme: Opening of the Diagnostic Center using Sensitiv Imago Complex

This business is relevant now for several reasons:

1. You can return your investment in about 3-4 months.

2. Having no analogues, this type of service is very popular with the public: it allows 1 hour to get full information about the client's health, it's harmless, painless, doesn't need any analyses and allows you to pick the effective treatment. It is an inexpensive, convenient, and comfortable way to get information about a person's health.

3. It is new equipment, so you will be one of the first in your market.

4. If you choose to set up a diagnostic center, we offer a full range of services including the managing, administering, and promoting of the business. You'll get answers regarding juridical and organizational questions, and know how to select qualified personnel. We provide the delivery, set up and will guarantee maintenance of the equipment. We can send our specialists to help you get started. You will learn to advertise and to work with commercial schemes, using what you learn to apply to a heavy load of clients. If necessary, we can supply you with medicines. We will give you technical and informational support continuously.