Bioresonance is a technology solution that uses electromagnetic frequencies to detect pathologies, bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as toxins and other harmful substances. It can be used to reliably detect food intolerances, allergies of all kinds, to help with detoxification and is incredibly potent for treatments of addiction (to stop smoking, for alcohol abuse etc.)


Computel. Inc. is sole exclusive representative in USA of Sensitiv Imago System. We Certify by FDA according to registered #10053831. We are the only company that can import and sale Sensitiv Imago in USA. All other website can not sale those products and bring them to USA.


The Bioresonance machine Sensitiv Imago combines latest technology with incredible accuracy (up to 97%). Sensitiv Imago system is the latest noninvasive machine created to simplify diagnostics and treatment. Bioresonance is the medicine of the future, being noninvasive, reliable solution to detect changes on a cellular level in very early stage, before major pathological changes occurred.

Frequency Compensation is an energy informative influence on the cells of the tissue and organs...

Bioenergy resonance or Bio-resonance is the field of Energetic Medicine that detects...

It was experimentally proved, that this characteristics could fast and deeply change...

Bio-resonance by the Sensitiv Imago device has produced excellent results with helping...


 • Complete package of documents (available certificates and patents, and other authorization documents). Our device including software registered in Russian Federation, Ukraine and European Union (CE certified) and has FDA Approval.

• We are interested in your success that's why we'll support you on all stages.

• We will guide you through all key things of using our equipment.

• The device Warranty is one year.

• Testing with our equipment is harmless for a patient, can be used for pregnant women and children as well.

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